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Alex Harper, Tommy Pistol - Pretty Pale and Pliant (TheTrainingOfO) (2022 | HD)

Bound on a square black table with skin as white as snow, Alex Harper is positioned on her back with a red ball-gag between her teeth. Her wrists are tied firmly to the table with rope above her head. Wrapped around the end of her long legs are several loops of rope binding her ankles together and to the ceiling making her look like a sexy backwards "L". Mogul fingers her asshole and flogs her bare ass and pussy then brings an assortment of insertable toys of diverse material. First a clear glass butt-plug is slowly inserted into her tight hole, letting us see inside and looking quite (as James puts it) lascivious. Next an inflatable black latex plug is inserted into her asshole and James pumps in some air and tugs on what looks like a black rubber tail. After the inflatable, a metal toy is popped in and out of her gaping ass with ease. Tommy Pistol enters the scene and enters her ass for the grande finale and pounds her hole hard while Mogul applies clamps to her pale pink nipples. In the next scene Alex starts in a standing position, her deliciously perky pale tits are tightly bound with rope. With her hands also bound behind her back, James helps Alex to her knees and the nipple clamps are applied once again. Tommy instructs her how to suck his cock and she follows his commands like a good whore. Good whores get rewards so a vibrator gets pressed on her clit while James sticks his thumb up her pussy and presses on her G-Spot sending her into an orgasmic frenzy, screaming with a mouth still full of Tommy's cock. In the third scene, Alex is completely naked on her back with her ass in the air, bound in a pile-driver position, ass already gaping. James whips her pussy with a crop and switches to a vibrator, going back and forth and makes her cum hard. Tommy fucks her cunt, pounding it like a jack-hammer while James crops the bottoms of her feet. Tommy then fucks her asshole again and cleans his dick off in her mouth. In our final scene, Alex is on her back spread-eagle. With one leg frog-tied and the other leg tied to the ceiling, Tommy fucks her pussy and ass until he cums, blowing his hot load all over her pretty face.
Nyssa Nevers, Nadia White - Carousel of Pain (InfernalRestraints) (2022 | HD)

Nyssa and Nadia are friends, but what happens when you put two friends together and hurt them? They become vicious. They will sell each other out in a second. Whip one till she begs you to whip the other. Cane the other while she chokes the first one with her legs and ass.
Abigail Dupree - New Toys Fresh Meat (SensualPain) (2022 | FullHD)
Dee Williams, Aspen Ora - Only One way to Find Out: Step-Daughter Anally Trained By Busty Step-Mother (TheUpperFloor) (2022 | SD)

Dee Williams is bouncing back from a nasty divorce, finally having found a hard cock worth serving with her skilled mouth, a firm hand to beat her juicy ass red, and a commanding voice worth kneeling for. The only issue is that the Master at hand is much younger, almost the same age as her bratty minx step-daughter. A couple more months and Aspen will be at college and Dee will be able to live her anal slave slut reality full time, but until then she is determined to keep her secret. Unfortunately for Dee, her new Master Seth doesn't care much for secrets and clamps her whore clit tightly, beats her ass with canes, flogs those big gorgeous tits a deep red, and still won't let her cum until she promises to tell her daughter about him. Satisfied with her word he bends her head backwards and fucks her throat and then slams her face down on the floor for a good anal pounding - And then Aspen comes home early to find her step mother face down ass up in the family living room. When Aspen comes skipping down the stairs the next morning and starts shit with Seth he smiles like a cat with a canary. Aspen calls him a gold digger and offers to fuck his brains out if he will leave the house and never come back, but he sees right through her bullshit to a curious slut in training that just wants to understand what she saw in the living room the other day. Happy to oblige, he throws her over his knee and spanks her cunt and bouncy ass while she learned to beg and give gratitude. Tied up, skirt tucked into her pink panties, she gets on her knees to get her face fucked like a good girl when Dee hears a commotion and comes to join. Much to Aspen's astonishment, Dee doesn't care in the least, and quickly joins in to get her revenge fuck, cropping Aspen's young pussy and she bounces on her Step-Mom's new boyfriends dick. Smothers in her Mom's tits, she apologizes time and time again for trying to steal Seth's attention. A firm anal fucking throws her over the edge as she cums with her face in her mother's tits, screaming with pleasure. Now that everyone is on board, Seth takes this Mother daughter team for a real ride, tying them both up tightly and taking turns with each hole, enjoying himself sadistically with a zapper. Dee starts squirting like a fountain, and cumming like a whore, but it is Aspen that has the greatest release in this scene, getting pounded out and begging for cum like a filthy bitch.
Marley Brinx - Educating Marley (2022 | FullHD)

Marley Brinx and James Deen spend the day wrapped in each others embrace. James Deen is an experienced lover and Marley knows that she can flourish under his tutelage.
Samantha, Lenna - Samantha, 35, wants serious! (2022 | FullHD)

Her first emotions due to her first video passed, the sublime Samantha, 35, resumes her march forward and is determined to go further. Now liberated and much less shy than before, the athletic young woman explains without shame what she has been dreaming of for a long time already... Indeed, the idea of measuring herself against a young lady as naughty as she made her vibrate! For the occasion, it's Lenna, a regular of these Sapphic emotions, who joins her for a session between the most intense dykes... Then comes the turn of an experienced stallion, who has the immense mission of satisfying this duo of fire !
Ulyana, Helena R - Special Massage (2022 | FullHD)

With a cheeky grin, Helena pulls down Ulyana's undies and nestles her face between her friend's warm thighs, gazing up adoringly, as she licks. Hopping onto the table together, the girls indulge in spirited scissoring, eagerly groping each other's bare breasts as their smooth vulvas rub together. Then, Helena sits on Ulyana's face, shutting her eyes tight, as a pink blush rises on her cheeks, and she feels her orgasm coming. In the afterglow, the girls make out and caress each other's satisfied naked bodies all over.
Margo Watsen - Sexy cutie rides a toy (2022 | FullHD)

Margo Watsen is a beautiful, petite brunette cutie who adores popsicles. When the days are hot, she can eat several portions of her favorite ice-cream. Sometimes, she feels too lazy to go to a shop and buy a popsicle and this is when her favorite sex toy comes in handy. Yes, it’s not that cold and not that sweet but it has the same shape and satisfies her needs as well. So, naughty cutie takes off her tiny outfit, plays with her pink clit and rides a pink toy.
Cadence - Controlled By Her Best Friends Step Brother (2022 | HD)
Nicky aka Zoey Foxx - Brown And Proud (2022 | FullHD)

Disclaimer: Fictional story with actors who are consenting adults
Alex Coal - Alex Coal Gets Fucked By Two Huge Cocks And Swallows Both Loads (2022 | FullHD)

Alex Coal is a petite girl with a huge appetite for dick. For her Pretty, Raw scene, she requested two huge cocks and got exactly that. Her pussy was wetter than ever just thinking of getting fucked from both sides and she took both cocks like a champ. She loved it some much she actually said, "Thank you," after getting both loads in her mouth.
Tess Hunt - MILF Tess Hunt Shows Younger Guy Jordan Joseph A Thing Or Two - Rimjob Included (2022 | FullHD)

Call Jordan Joseph the MILF hunter if you will but know one thing here... Tess Hunt is doing all the hunting this time around and she's got her eyes set on rimming Jordan's tasty hole. She can't wait to tease this younger guy senseless with her pierced tongue. Watch out though Tess... all of that teasing is going to equal some hard fucking from Jordan! Exactly what Tess wants anyways... everyone wins here!
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