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Elana Bunnz - My Lucky Wifey With Your ShamROCK (2023 | FullHD)
Wrangling a wife like Elana Bunnz is no small task. It requires money, patience and watching her get fucked by other men whenever she feels like it. You didn't think a woman this hot was for one man did you!? Nah, she's enjoying St.Paddys with her hubby and she's already got some side cock lined up. Hubby thought he was getting lucky as she flashed those tits, panties at him - until he walked into their hotel room and found this young stud, James Angel, that she'd had been flirting with all day - waiting for Elana.
Angelica Coralvine - Stepdaughter Teased Me Into Sex (2023 | FullHD)
Dakota Tyler - Social Media Influencer (2023 | FullHD)
Krissy Knight - See A 19-Year-Old Fuck (2023 | HD)
-year-old newb Matty Iceee makes his debut on See HiM Fuck this week, and it is another “double debut” for those of you keeping score at home, as the lovely Krissy Knight is also making her 1st appearance on the site. The scene starts with director Scott Trainor conducting the interview portion of the program, followed by Matty standing, getting naked with some assistance from Krissy, who then lubes HIM up and makes sure that thick teen dick is ready for action. She sniffs and licks Matty's hairy armpits before allowing HIM to sit on the couch so she can suck, slobber, worship his socked and bare feet. Matty then stands, and we begin the ass-eating portion of the program, as Kirssy rims and tongues HIM while Matty is upright, via the rusty trombone, with HIM spread eagle, with HIM in a reverse piledriver, and with HIM copping a squat on her face. The two then trade oral treats as 1st Matty goes down on her, followed by Krissy sucking and gagging on HIM. Finally, we get to the actual dick-in-pussy fucking, as Krissy takes all of HIM doggystyle, amazon, front and backward piledriver, folded up like a pretzel, and missionary until Matty pulls out and whips up a batch of Stomach Pancakes on her belly. We caught up with our newest HIM in the shower afterward... Until the next HiM!
Madison Wilde - It's My Whole Head (2023 | FullHD)
22-year-old Latina newbie Madison Wilde makes her HussiePass debut today, and we paired her up with Brickzilla and his 13-inch BBC because that's what we do around here. The scene starts with director Johnny Robins conducting the interview portion of the program, followed by Madison stripping naked, warming up her box, 1st with her fingers, then with a large translucent rubber dong. Brickzilla then enters the scene with some lube for Madison's perky boobies and lovely ass, which she twerks for us. Next up is the big reveal, where Madison marvels at the size before attempting to shove as much of that girthy prick into her mouth...
Skye Blue - The Dress Stays On (2023 | FullHD)
Cate Harrington - Bikini Bombshell (2023 | FullHD)
Selena Ivy - Kiss Me I Squirt (2023 | FullHD)
Jmac and his buddy are on their way to the St. Paddy's Day party when they spot a hottie in green having some car trouble and pull over to help. Selena Ivy's bad luck is their good luck, because not only is she going to the same party, she's looking for some dick! The horny long-haired brunette plays with her pussy in the backseat and starts squirting, and Jmac takes her somewhere they won't be interrupted where he can fuck her and Selena can squirt as much as she wants!
Brandy Renee - Sneaky Sex With Wifes Sister (2023 | FullHD)
Damion Dayski is about to see his wife’s sister, Brandy Renee, for the first time since his wedding night. What Damion’s wife doesn’t know, though, is that Damion and Brandy secretly fucked right before they tied the knot. With an epic reunion in the works, Damion is in the near impossible position of trying to sneakily fuck Brandy again and keep it all hidden. After Brandy immediately comes onto Damion in the main entrance, Damion walks in on her in the shower, giving Brandy the idea to send him some sexy selfies of her perfect tits and juicy ass. Although Damion gets caught masturbating to the pictures, his wife doesn’t clue into the fact that he was jerking off to Brandy. Punishing Damion by sending him to sleep on the couch actually creates the perfect opening for sneaky sex with Brandy, leading to Damion’s wife being the architect of her marital destruction.
Mari Galore - Orgasms Galore (2023 | HD)
She's a bad girl that needs proper discipline in the form of a stiff cock pounding her into orgasmic bliss. Mari is happy to get stuffed by Michael's dick as long as she cums over and over again, draining his load into her mouth.
Victoria Voxxx - Rub Her Down (2023 | FullHD)
Desperate housewife Victoria Voxxx , is in need of a full body rubdown. She seduces masseuse Codey Steele, with her voluptuous ass! She wants his hands all over her and his thick cock inside her! Do not miss this naughty housewife in hardcore action!
Casey Nohrman, Lil Karla - Queen Of Hearts # 2 (2023 | FullHD)