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Ariel X, Janice Griffith - 19-Year Old Newbie Gets Electro Hazed (ElectroSluts) (2023 | HD)
Janice Griffith hasn't been fucking around very long-- at only 19, her electro experience is kind of limited. What better way to welcome her in that a deep hazing? Veteran electroslut Ariel X ties this horny young slut up to a fuse box and let's our toys do the punishing. After stimulating Janice's entire body with the violet wand, the Samurai squeezes into Janice's Janice's tiny pussy and delivers her orgasm after orgasm while she is shocked with the tzappers. Ariel then binds her to a fuck box and sets the electropads onto her ass. Watch as it shakes uncontrollably, made all the more intense by a big fat electroplug shoved into her pussy. She cums again and again. But nothing cums without a price. Janice is then administered a deep electrofuck and returns Ariel's generosity with a thorough pussy licking. A full electro hazing day for our new slut!
Ava Dalush, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer - English lass Ava Dalush tied doggystyle, blindfolded, vibrated & brutally deepthroated on hard cock (2023 | HD)
This bubblebutted English rose loves the dick. She started out as a regular porn star, but found her natural inclination for the kinkier side of things and has been exploring that as of late. We are all about helping people explore their kinky side here at Sexuallybroken. We are givers like that. Bound to our trusty black chair in a doggy style position that perfectly displays that flawless ass, Ava is ready and eager for the dick. Her top is short enough her breasts are exposed and the tight bondage keeps her firmly in place. A leather blindfold cuts off her vision. She can not see or anticipate the dick, all she can do is take what we chose to dish out. We sit down in our chair and make full use of that open mouth hole. This suck slut goes right to work. Credit where credit is due, Ava knows her way around a dick. She drools and deepthroats like a champ. After pounding out her throat for a while, we rip off the blindfold so that we can have those big eyes looking up as us as she sucks. Not content with owning her face, we add in a vibrator and dildo combo on the other end. She cums, hard and fast, shuttering, as she is filled deeply from both ends. By the time we are done with our fucktoy, she is dazed and lolling in her ropes. Her face is slack and drool covered, and she is leaking from both ends. Gone is the perky porn star that fist stepped foot on our stage. In her place is a much more honest and raw sexual animal. We like this one. We like her a lot.
Ariel X, Candice Dare - Body like a goddess, mind of a whore! (PublicDisgrace) (2023 | SD)
Candice Dare in her first Public Disgrace! She has the body of a goddess but the mind of a whore. She begs for her perfect ass to be spanked, throat fucked and used as a doormat. But that is only the introduction to what Ariel X has in store for her!! She gets bound to a 6 foot tall wooden penis and fucked hard while the crowd fondles and spanks her. Next she has an electric Butt plug shoved up her greedy asshole while being stuffed with cock. Rough sex, DP, throat fucking, anal, Bukakke.
Danica Dillon, John Strong, Ramon Nomar, Jordan Ash, Barry Scott, Bill Bailey - Loses the Takedown Challenge (2023 | SD)
Danica Dillon is a sweet girl. So much so that our guys could take her sitting down. Even though she was offered thousands of dollars more if she could keep them out of her holes, this weak and innocent thing was just too obliging. Despite her honestly adorable attempts to escape, Danica Dillon is going to get stuffed air tight with 5 rock hard cocks, and she's gonna love it. Rough sex, choking, anal, DP, & Bukkake!
The SPLURGE: Patriotic Slut gets her GB fantasy in dystopic future (HardcoreGangBang) (2023 | SD)
It's The SPLURGE, the one night that crime is legal. Her dad wants to lock down the family and protect them from the outside, but idealistic and patriotic college student that she is, Bianca Breeze, has a different idea. When her brother de-activates the security system and harbors a poor girl being chased by a pack of wild men, Bianca decides to take her place. Locking her family away, she sneaks them in and they let her have it with throat fucking, DP, DV, and double anal. In the end she is left covered in cum and pleased to have served her civic duty.
Lisa Tiffian, Tommy Pistol, Mr. Pete, John Strong, Barry Scott, Gage - Slutty Halloween Whore Gets A Frightful Fucking (Hardcoregangbang) (2023 | SD)
Lisa Tiffian ain't afraid of no ghosts...in fact, they fucking turn her on! She lets this secret slip while watching a scary movie with boyfriend Tommy Pistol, confessing she's always wanted to be fucked by a bunch of guys while wandering a haunted house... Good boyfriend that he is, Tommy delivers. Lisa is at the spooky maze the following day with Lorelei Lee when suddenly, Lorelei disappears and Lisa is surprised by Tommy and five of his masked friends! They give her everything a typical whore in a slutty Halloween costume would want: rough sex, anal, cum guzzling, DV, DP and throat fucking.
Ela Darling, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer - Classic beauty Ela Darling firmly belted onto a sybian and facefucked by 2 cocks, 10 inch BBC (SexuallyBroken) (2023 | HD)
Pale pretty Ela Darling looks much too refined to being doing the porn. She looks likes like she belongs on a cameo brooch, not being stuffed full of dick for a living. Lucky for us, behind those classic looks beats the true heart of a pervert. She loves and craves the sort of rough handling that Sexuallybroken specializes in. Bound with belts on top of a sybian with her lean arms stretched out behind her, Ela is well and truly fucked. A sybian is the world’s most powerful vibrator and sounds like a jet plane taking off. A pussy does not stand a chance once placed upon it. They WILL cum, and they will cum hard. How good is Ela can multitasking? Can she deepthroat huge cock while cumming? Let’s find out! The switch is flipped and Ela promptly starts to lose her mind. Waves of pleasure wash through her bound body. As her mouth opens in orgasm, we accept the invitation and add a hard cock to the mix. What follows is a relentless overwhelming of the senses. One after another the hard cocks run a train on Ela’s perfect throat. Her eyes glaze and she screams as she cums yet again. Drool pours out of her well used mouth and coat her all natural breasts. Do not let Ela’s looks fool you, she lives for this sort of thing. When we have had our fill of her face pussy, we walk away, leaving Ela languishing as yet another orgasm rips through her bound body. She might be here for a while... Tags: Belt Bondage, Big Dick, Black Cock, Blue Eyes, Cock Sucking, Dirty Blonde Hair, Drool, Face Fucking, Interracial, Long Hair, Pale Skin, Sybian, Tattoo
Krysta Kaos - BDSM (DeviceBondage) (2023 | HD)
Krysta Kaos and The Pope have a very long history, and when given the chance to rekindle the magic between them, they both jumped at the chance. Krysta voiced that she had never been properly machine fucked, so what better time to do that than during a device bondage shoot. Krysta is spread eagle with her limbs shackled to the floor. The machine is buried deep inside her pussy, and The Pope starts fucking her immediately. The pain comes in the form of a leather flogger as he strikes her repeatedly to increase her suffering.
Susy Gala - Public Fuck Doll: Part 2 (PublicDisgrace) (2023 | SD)
Susy Gala is the perfect public fuck doll ready to serve. Part 2: Slutty Fuck Doll gets serviced and is ready for filthy action! Tina takes her lesbian play toy to a filthy auto mechanics shop to get Susy Gala serviced. Upset customers have to wait to get their car worked on, but get full access to a slutty eager slut hole. Susy Gala gets tied up in rope bondage and has dirty greasy hands grope her curvy body. Cock sucking, pussy licking, boot licking, flogging, electrical play, ass licking and a face full of thick cum. Susy Gala is the perfect FUCK DOLL for Public Disgrace!
Dani Daniels - Submits in Brutal Bondage (Hogtied) (2023 | HD)
Dani is drop dead fucking gorgeous and loves to be tormented in bondage. She craves the feeling of so much pain that she is left crying. She also knows exactly where to go and who to see to get what she wants. I put her amazing body on display with multiple bondage positions, torment her to tears, and then make her slutty pussy orgasm uncontrollably.
Nicole Aria, Jade Valentine - BDSM (EverythingButt) (2023 | HD)
Nicole Aria and Jade Valentine have a friendly competition to see who is the bigger anal slut. They compare asses, squeezing each other’s cheeks. Nicole bends over and Jade pulls down her pink short shorts, revealing her pretty asshole. Jade spanks Nicole’s ass and sticks three fingers in Nicole’s asshole. Jade gets a red butt plug and slides it in and out of Nicole’s gaping asshole. Jade sits on her face and Nicole licks her delicious hole. Next, Nicole gets in a pile driver position and Jade puts an even bigger inside her ass, using all of her might. Its Jades turn and so she presents her asshole to Nicole. Nicole shoves a multitude of big toys in Jades asshole, jiggling and spanking her perfectly round ass. After that Nicole gets machine-fucked in the ass while she getting her face smothered by Jades juicy butt cheeks.
Penny Pax, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer - Tiny, big natural breasted redhead Penny Pax fucked into the ground by 2 dicks! (SexuallyBroken) (2023 | HD)

Pocket sized Penny Pax was built to fuck. She is a natural born slut and she is very, very good at it. We know what to do with sluts around here at Sexuallybroken: Lash them down to a couch and fill them so full of dick that they can't get their eyes uncrossed. Which is exactly what we are going to do today.
We start with our slut firmly bound and chained down onto our well-used fuck couch in a classic "fuck me" position. With her feet high above her head and a massive red ballgag wedged deep into her mouthhole, her big blue eyes stare up at us. Penny is too cute for words. Sluts this cute get dicked down proper, and 10 inches of BBC simply walk right up and slide into her helplessly waiting hole. The gurgling sounds sounds that seep around her ballgag as the cock slams deep are music to our ears. We can't have her getting TOO noisy though, and some face smothering is in order.
One after the other, 2 cocks make use of her fuckhole. Penny is nothing if not well-trained, and she takes her dicking down with grace…not that she has much choice in the matter. Today is simply about her taking everything we throw at her, for as long as we want, until we have had our fill. After a through drilling down, we finger blast her to a brain melting orgasm, and vibrate her sensitive pussy into even more orgasms. Penny's toes curl as the orgasms rip through her restrained flesh.
It is time to check Penny completely into subspace, and Jack unleashes all 10 inches into her without mercy. She is fucked until she can't catch her breath, her eyes glaze over and her body goes limp. She is reduced to nothing but a fuckshealth, a fuckshealth taking an epic dicking down. We might be here for a while. Enjoy the ride Penny...
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