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Beatrice Segreti - Rocco's 4Cams POV - Beatrice Segreti (2022 | FullHD)
Andi Skye - With Cum on My Face, a Butt Plug in My Ass (2022 | HD)

With a smile like yours girl the only thing that would make you more beautiful is if Tyler unloaded all over that newbie face of yours and let is drip down while we asked you how your first sex on camera went. Yes and this MILF by definition is sexy, intelligent and has a great body building physique that she loves to show off proudly. We also find out that Andi’s been quite the exhibitionist that dates way back to her early teenage years were she’d fuck in open fields, hotel men’s restrooms, and she confessed her riskiest experience ever was having anal sex in a packed movie theater. Kinky! And don’t fast forward threw the interview or you’ll miss how deep the waters run with this one...
Ellie - It’s an Emotional Rollercoaster! (2022 | HD)

We like a good challenge over here at HMF, and this girl was a tough nut to crack for sure. The best juice is always worth the squeeze and we had to keep reminding ourselves of this as our girl, Ellie, was a bit aloof and didn’t seem to want to get into the swing of things right away. Right off the bat she can’t seem to stop touching this newly done make up! Yes, those are your eyelashes now girl! Rest assured, we will get that Ellie-juice a’ flowing and sometimes the best way to kick those nerves is to plop a veiny fat one into her mouth and get that Hitachi rumbling on her cute vajayjay...
Stevie - Please, Oh Please Fill Me Up (2022 | HD)

So today we have a younger MILF who’s married and is in an open relationship who’s also just here to have some fun. Who doesn’t like to have fun right and this 1:48:11 long video is packed full of it including some ass fingering, rimming, clit vibrating, pussy pounding, DP with toys and a deep throating fun splashed in because this girl likes to be used as a fuck doll as a fun time. Did I say this girl is fun? Face fucking fun that is and I bet her jealous husband back home will be proud as well how his woman took Tyler’s cock and the massive creampie that was shot all over and in that beautiful pussy of hers. He liked her so much in fact that he immediately followed that showering of cum with a facial that she lapped up and giggled like a school girl as she tasted it. Like I say, girls just want to have fun and this girl is fun. So enjoy the all out debauchery filled funfest of this girl’s first sex on camera and all Tyler and I can say is… Thanks buddy for lending us your girl and her holes for the day.
Daisy - Extras (2022 | FullHD)

It’s Daisy’s first sex on camera and it starts out with a steamy solo masturbation and then Tyler introduces himself more properly to this girl's tight pussy out on the couch to get her engine warmed up. I don’t think she needs much warming up because once she climbed aboard the Sybian for the first time ever and she came like 7 times while Tyler kissed then face fucked that pretty mouth of hers. This girl’s got the cutest pussy and peach fuzz public hair around her slit that reminds me of a pubescent nubile and it’s so hot. What’s hotter is a cock going in and out of it once Tyler takes full advantage of her during the bedroom scene that drops Thursday. But until then enjoy Daisy’s Extras clip everyone. Steve
Emma Indica - New Kinky Slut Alert (2022 | FullHD)

Lucky stud Bobby meets with our brand new addition to the porn ranks Emma Indica. Emma looks like the sweetest girl, coming from San Diego to become a porn star. Growing up in a sex positive household allowed Emma to explore her sexuality from a young age, now, she knows she loves kink stuff, like getting slapped and spanked, and Bobby is ready to test out her naughty abilities in front of the camera for the first time!
Arianna - OMG The Latest NVG (2022 | FullHD)
Theodora - Give It All To Me. Total Submission. Slut Training. Future Anal Queen (2022 | FullHD)

This girl oozes sex and knows she's hot and how to use that perfect body to make guys putty in her hands. It doesn’t hurt that she’s totally down for trying new things like sticking two fingers up her ass then tasting them either. Booya! And if you nut early before Isiah and his massive BBC even surprises her we completely understand and you’re not alone. So after more fun butt plug shenanigans take place out in the living room, Rocky whisks our lovely off to the bathroom for some oral fun and you guessed it… BBC Surprise! And Theodora like the trooper she is, is down for taking the biggest cock she’s ever seen down her throat and up her tight pussy for some hot as fuck bathroom sex that is just the appetizer for the total submission of Theodora’s orifices out on the bed. This girl’s got skills everyone and she took Isiah up her ass while he smacked her around for one of the hottest Ambushes to date. Like I said in her HMF writeup, I’m just going to shut the fuck up now and let you watch it because anything more I write will just not do this girl and her totally awesome performance justice. So enjoy her everyone. Steve
Paris - Omg the latest nvg (2022 | FullHD)
Olivia - Please Fuck The Shit Out Of Me (2022 | FullHD)

With super model looks, perfect perky tits, and a pussy and asshole you’ll just want to stick your tongue up and taste the goodness this girl oozes… Let me introduce to you all 20 year old Olivia. This girl is fresh and she has an open mind to try everything that involves pleasure and we took full advantage of that willingness to try today and things start off with our lovely doing a solo masturbation on the bed. Hot.
Alexa Payne - Deep-Throating Mylf (2022 | FullHD)

Hottest new addition to the ranks of mylf porn is the gorgeous Alexa Payne. Lucky stud Bobby gets to know her a better before testing her naughty abilities! This mylf loves some good throat fucking and Bobby will atest to that!
Jamie Michelle - Sexy bust porn star Jamie Michelle has a casting couch role play with huge fan (2022 | FullHD)

I love Jamie Michelle's videos as much as the next guy. Heck, I probably like her videos more than the next guy. I like her videos soo much that I convinced her to stop by my place tonight and let me live out my fantasy of being a casting couch director while she plays the part of the next potential star whose willing to do anything to make it. After her performance tonight I can say with confidence that she will be getting call backs.
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