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Roxy Lips - Slutty Cop Roxy Lips DP'd by Partners After (2021 | FullHD)

After a steamy masturbation session in her shower, policewoman Roxy Lips walks out of her bathroom to find that her house is being burglarized. Being the good cop that she is, she immediately finds her handgun and uses it to detain the masked man who had been plundering her home.
Sabrina Miller - First DP for Sabrina Miller LTP003 (2021 | FullHD)
Alexis Tae - Alexis Tae Takes 2 Massive Facials After (2021 | FullHD)

Alexis Tae is gazing into her bathroom as she does her make-up when she realizes she's left her phone outside. Since she's addicted to it, she immediately heads outside to find it. But only when she finds it and tries to get back inside of her house does she realize that she's locked herself out.
Ava Harris - My First Pee Drink, Ava Harris goes wet for (2021 | FullHD)
Alexa Flexy aka Calibri, Alexa Flaxy, Alexa Sexy - (2021 | FullHD)

It's Thursday evening and Alexa Flexy, a young, blonde fitness babe is at the gym for her biweekly workout. Some minutes into the workout, she's joined but a young stud named Vince, who quickly starts chatting her up.
Blaze - My first DP Goes Wet, Blaze, 2on1, BBC, ATM, DP, (2021 | FullHD)
Anastasia Mistress - DAP Anastasia Mistress - Three Big (2021 | FullHD)
Victoria Daniels - Slutty Young Professional Victoria (2021 | FullHD)

Victoria Daniels, a slutty young professional, has just arrived at her boss's hotel room after having just used her pussy to persuade a wealthy client to sign a lucrative business contract with her company.
Kiara Gold - Sexy Russian Soldier Kiara Gold Slammed (2021 | FullHD)

After a long day of work, Russian commander Kiara Gold along with three soldiers that she’s commanding arrive back at the barracks where they’re all sleeping. When the troops have fallen asleep, Kiara takes her uniform off and starts fingering herself.
Alexis Fawx - Anal On The Open Sea (2021 | FullHD)

Alexis Fawx is having a lounging yacht day and she’s in no mood for shrimp or champagne. She wants full service and she's not referring to the bottle kind, she wants the dick kind. James Angel picks up on this quickly while oiling up her big beautiful tits and decides to whip his dick out and lube her up for a titty fuck. He gets busted by Captain of the ship, Jonathan Jordan, and he can't believe his eyes. Alexis reminds him that she's the boss lady and tells him to whip out his cock and he's happy to oblige. This turns into a double dick down threesome for Alexis on the open seas that leaves her more than satisfied.
Stacy Bloom - Cuck with BBC Lets 2 Strangers DP his Slut (2021 | FullHD)

It's the weekend and Darrel is chilling on the couch while Stacy Bloom, his horny slut of a wife, is in the bathroom putting on sexy lingerie. She comes out of the bathroom to immediately begin seducing Darrel – who is more than happy to be seduced.
Adira Allure BlacksOnBlondes (2021 | FullHD)

Adira had been at a party last weekend and she knew the guys at the house had a lot of goodies hidden in the safe in the upstairs room. So she devised a plan. She would sneak up there when they were all sleeping and grab what she needed and nobody would know. They would just assume it happened at the party. She would get out scot-free and go show off with her party friends. Such a brazen plot for this slightly deranged blonde. So Adira dressed all in black and tossed on a mask cause that's what cat burglars do and climbed up onto the second story balcony and ever so quietly snuck in through the window. Just as fate would have it as she was about to pick the lock on the closet door, one of the homeys' was exiting the toilet and caught her in the act. Yelling "stop thief" the rest of the household was alerted and this naughty thief was running for her life. Can Adira get away? Will the homies nab her? Unfortunately for Adira she ran right into the arms of one of the men and was quickly caught. Oh no - what will happen to our heroine now? Will they kick her ass? Will they call the police? Is this the end of our party girl? Unmasked and caught red handed, Adira quickly thinks on her feet. She explains it was just a prank. She wanted to get their attention cause she wanted some big black cock. See guys, it was all just a prank. Huh? Fuck that makes about as much sense as anything and soon three enormously large ebony dongs are pulled out and dropped in her face where she quickly gets to sucking. You see, Adira is no dummy. She's had to suck a lot of cocks in her life to get her out of jams. When you are young dumb and blonde living in the big city it kind of becomes second nature. Slobbing and bobbing on the man root shoving into her drooling pie hole Adira gets down to what she does best - using her womanly assets to get through life. Soon her pussy is invaded by a rigid and angry cunt duster as she is facefucked from the other side. Spit roasted and pulverized she is in her natural element. Stuffed full of cock and being used as a human pump and dump station. She's done a bad thing so one must offer up the anal in these situations. No different than a snitch in prison - that asshole must make payment and reparations. Once those cocks start entering her brown eye it is game on for this piglet who needs the sweet blistering friction of a double penetration drive by to really take the edge off. With cocks filling her airtight she almost starts to believe she really did come over to get fucked and not to steal anything. Yeah you believe that blondie. Whatever helps you sleep at night. The only thing it looks like it cost Adira today was just a bit more of her dignity but that's a small price to pay for how good being a slut makes her feel. Holes blasted out and drenched in sweat, Adira squats in feeding position and gets a facial blasting of jizz juice as all is forgotten and forgiven. Shine on you crazy diamond.
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