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Bridgette B, Honey Gold, Kristen Scott - Rich Fucks: Episode 2 (2022 | FullHD)

Bridgette tracks down Xander, Ariana's brother, hoping he'll help her take down his power-hungry sister. After conspiring with the wealthy young stud, Bridgette finds herself turned on and ready to fuck. Unable to contain themselves any longer, Bridgette and Xander rush to their favorite hotel, bursting into the executive suite as Honey and Kristen, two French maids, are fucking around on the job. As the hotel room door opens, Honey and Kristen run to the bathroom to hide, sneaking peeks at Bridgette and Xander at every opportunity. When the girls try to sneak out of the room and get back to work, they're caught by Bridgette, who sees an opportunity to spice up her raunchy romp with Xander...
Bridgette B, Ariana Marie - Rich Fucks: Episode 1 (2022 | FullHD)

Bridgette catches Ariana, heir to her husband's rival company Holloway Inc., trying to seduce her husband and steal his profitable business from right under his nose. After playing nice with entitled brat in front of her husband, Bridgette decides that Ariana needs to be taught a lesson, if she needs to pound some pussy to get her way, so be it. When Bridgette's stepson Van catches the girls going at it, she invites him to join in on the fun, she thinks he can learn a thing or two from the ruthlessly ambitious Ariana. While Bridgette assumes Ariana will change her ways after a good, hard fuck, she still plans on sucking Bridgette's family dry. Bridgette makes it her mission to take Ariana down, no matter the cost, starting by banding with her estranged brother.
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