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Kaira Love - - Game, Set And Snatch (2022 | FullHD)

Kaira Love was on her way to the tennis center when I picked her up. Kaira told me how she was a student, and even though she did not have much money, she still paid for tennis lessons because she loved the sport. I told her I hope she had enough for the taxi, since the rate was expensive! Kaira didn't have much money, so I offered her a 60 discount if she took off her top. I offered her 75 to see the booty, and 100 if she would give me a blowjob. Sitting there, naked and cute, Kaira agreed. I got in the backseat and the petite babe swallowed my cock, then I bent her over and fucked that tight, wet pussy. Missionary and spoon, she felt amazing, then I pulled out to give her a huge facial!
Nikki Riddle - Quick Fuck Before The Festival (2022 | FullHD)

Nikki Riddle interrupted my lunch to ask me to take her to a festival. We got to driving, and she said the festival had been expensive, but that guys paid for her ticket. I told her my taxi was also expensive, and she told me she had no cash. As an alternative, she proposed giving me a blowjob. I was horny, so I told her to get her tits out for me as I found us somewhere to park. I liked the pert naturals, and she turned around so show me her bum in white panties. I love white panties, and I loved it more when she deepthroated my big dick. I fucked the slut's face, then she rode my cock. I pounded her puss doggystyle, then covered her mouth with a facial!
Linda Del Sol - - Spanish Sex Teacher Masturbates (2022 | FullHD)

This cute Spanish woman named Linda Del Sol hopped into my cab today and asked for a ride to college. She was dressed like a hippie, and when she took her glasses off I told her she had beautiful eyes. We got chatting and I couldnt believe it when Linda mentioned she works as a sex teacher! I could tell she was a free spirit who was very comfortable sexually, especially when she started meditating in the backseat to give herself an orgasm! I was blown away when Linda flashed me her perky tits They looked so hot that it was difficult to keep my eyes on the road! Since there was a lot of traffic and the ride was a bumpy, which Linda said was affecting her concentration, I pulled over in a quiet spot to give her the big D! She gobbled up my hard cock and then stuck out her arse and started jiggling it for me to bang her doggystyle. We stepped outside the cab where Linda rode me cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl while I pounded her tight, juicy pussy, then I spunked a huge load right onto the sluts tongue!
Lisa Gali - Latina Babe Is So Horny (2022 | FullHD)

It was a lovely day in the UK when Lisa Gali flagged down the Fake Taxi. Lisa was a tourist headed to the center, and was very horny from the get. She asked if there was somewhere we could go for some naughty fun, and then started to twerk her big ass for me in the backseat! I was distracted, and this got us pulled over by the coppers. While I tried to talk my way out of ticket, this slut was taking out her tits and trying to tease me! I told her if she behaved, I'd fuck her. We drove off to a spot I know and she immediately jumped on big cock. They don't call me Big D for nothing, and she tried to take every inch down her throat. Lisa rode my cock reverse cowgirl as I spanked her, then I fucked her pussy outside the car doggystyle. I pounded Lisa on the ground and then pulled out to cum on her bald pussy, then she cleaned up every drop of cum with her tongue!
Penelope Cross - Will You Sign My Cock? (2022 | FullHD)

I picked up this gorgeous Spanish woman named Penelope Cum who was on her way to the altar at the museum. It was so hot in the taxi, and she had a trip, so we got to chatting. I told her she reminded me of a famous singer from Spain, and she told me about her relationship problems. We flirted, and soon enough, Penelope wanted to pull over. I asked for her autograph, handed her a marker, and took out my cock. She signed it, then she sucked it, then afforded me the perfect view of her big booty as she rode my cock reverse cowgirl. I stuffed Penelope's pussy doggystyle and missionary, then pulled out and covered her lips with a facial!
Olivia Sparkle - Popping Her Cherry In A Taxi (2021 | FullHD)
Giada Suicide - She Needs A Mature Guy (2021 | FullHD)

This 21 year old brunette got in the taxi today, a pretty tattooed woman named Giada Suicide. Giada complained about how she was single, and how the Czech fellas were not doing the job of pleasing her. She wanted to fuck a mature guy, someone who would really make her cum hard. Showing off her body, Giada got on all fours and shook her booty for me. I pulled over and got in the backseat, then made her wet as I fingered her pink pussy. She stroked my cock and I slipped in in missionary, then fucked her doggystyle and cowgirl. Finally, Giada sucked me, and the blowjob was so good I came in her mouth!
Anna Khara - Horny Blonde Just Loves Cock (2021 | FullHD)

I saw this dirty blonde slut Anna Khara on the side of the road. She was a pretty Italian woman, and had no money on her. I let her in the cab and told her a damsel in distress always needed saving. She wanted to repay my kindness, and so asked if she liked big dick! She saw mine and said wow, and then I joined in the backseat. I was already hard, and she jumped right on my cock, giving me a thirsty blowjob. She stripped off her panties, so I fucked her shaved pussy missionary, and she liked it so much her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She squeezed her tits as I put my hand around her throat, and she came on my dick. She slammed her ass back against me doggystyle, then eagerly took my facial!
Luna Truelove - The Petite Asian Fitness Babe (2021 | FullHD)

This lovely petite woman named Luna Truelove got into my cab today. She was heading to the gym, and we got to chatting. She told me she was from Kazakhstan, but had lived here in Prague for about seven years. Late for her workout, Luna starts to change in the car, and I looked up to see she had gotten her tits out. Holy hell, I almost crashed! Luna liked the attention, and got her booty out for me, and even let me touch it. She was horny, so she invited me to the backseat. I told her if she gave me a blowjob, I'd give her a discount. Once she saw how big my dick was, she stuck it as far down her throat as she could, then licked my arse with a rimjob. I fucked her tight pussy doggystyle and cowgirl, and she rode me hard! After I got her off, she wanked and sucked me until I rewarded her with a facial!
Adriana Rys - French Escort Gives A Freebie (2021 | FullHD)

This brunette named Adrianna Rys got into the taxi today dressed exquisitely. She was headed home to Whitebridge street, and told me she had just been to a see a client. Adriana was an escort, and she certainly had the big tits for the job! She told me that even though she had 3-4 clients a day, she still was not satisfied sexually. I told her I could help her out, and offered the ride for free if she rode me. Adriana was interested in seeing what I could do, so I pulled over and got into the backseat. I took out my cock and showed her why they called me Big D. Adriana sucked my cock while I squeezed her boobs, then climbed on top of me and rode my cock cowgirl. I fucked her doggystyle and she rode me reverse cowgirl, then I gripped her ass and pounded her pussy until I creampied her!
Chanel Kiss - College Babe Fucked On Backseat (2021 | FullHD)

This college babe got into the taxi today, and her name was Chanel Kiss. I asked her if she knew my prices, but Chanel said it was fine, she was going to meet a guy. They had arranged to have sex on a dating app, and she asked me to wait a few minutes just to be safe. Soon, she was back in the car. The man did not look like his pictures, and she was very horny. She wanted dick, and asked to see mine. Chanel liked what we saw, so I drove her to a private place and ate her pussy. Chanel gave me a nice blowjob, then stripped so I could play with her perky tits. I fucked her shaved pussy missionary, then she threw her ass back against me doggystyle. I kept pounding her pussy and made her cum, then I pulled out and dropped a thick load on her.
Megane Lopez - French Babe Has Pussy Creampied - FakeTaxi - Megane Lopez - French Babe Has Pussy Creampied - French Babe Has Pussy Creampied (FakeTaxi) (2020 | FullHD)
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