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Didi Zerati, Sata Jones - Booty BFFs (2022 | FullHD)

When Sata Jones gets home and hears moaning from the bathroom, she finds her best friend Didi Zerati trying to use her new butt plug, but it's Didi's first time and the plug is so big! Sata has plenty of anal experience, so she pulls out a smaller plug, showing the raven-haired babe how to use it, then slides it into Didi's ass. Didi is able to take her big toy next, and Sata offers to help more by fucking Didi's ass with a huge dildo, which surprises both babes when Didi starts squirting! That's when Didi's boyfriend, Charlie Dean, gets home. His busty girlfriend is all ready for his big dick in her ass... and her bestie wants some too!
Rebel Rhyder - Episode 285 - Rebel Rhyder Rides Again! (2022 | HD)

Disclaimer: Fictional story with actors who are consenting adults
April Olsen, Casey Calvert, Charlie Valentine, Gizelle Blanco - First Time Cuck (2022 | FullHD)

Charlie Valentine and Gizelle Blanco are on a double date with Casey Calvert and April Olsen, having invited them over to their loft. After some brief small talk, we learn that these two couples have met on a dating app. Casey explains that she and April have been dating for three years, but she has wanted to spice things up and in fact, Charlie and Gizelle are the first couple she's met with.
Sara Retali - Sneaky Roommate Gets Lucky (2022 | HD)

Sara is a total sex addict and she never leaves anywhere without her big dildo. As soon as she gets the keys to her hostel room, she undresses and starts to ride that big dildo until she gets caught by her new roommate. First time he is surprised but after catching her three more times masturbating in different rooms he realizes only his big black dick and an oral creampie will satisfy her enough to actually stop masturbating...for a while.
Miami Davis - We Fuck Black Girls (2022 | FullHD)

When the fever hits there is no stopping a white man. Will had the fever. That black pussy fever. From the first time he slid his cock into the gorgeous Miami Davis he was hooked and hooked good on the A-1 prime black pussy. That's what happens to a white man when he finally gets to sample some. They damn near up and lose their minds. Wives. Families. Lives. Don't matter. It's all tossed aside in that need for that sweet wet elixir. Take Will here.
Any Moloko, Hera - Lustful Lesbian Massage (2022 | FullHD)

Girl on girl heaven. IN HEGRE’s 970th movie our new models Any Moloko and Hera come together and give you a spectacular performance of erotic wellness. FOR THE FIRST TIME Any Moloko is brought to some earth shattering orgasms by another woman. Intimate, daring and with an experienced use of toys and accessories we’re taken to massage wonderland. The world just doesn’t get more pleasant than this.
Aurora - First sodomy for Aurora, at J&M! (2022 | FullHD)

A body of a goddess, a dazzling smile and a desire for sexual discoveries that give us shivers... It's not an understatement to say that the sublime Aurora is a young woman that we never tire of seeing and seeing again in front of our camera! Having known the very particular universe of X thanks to J&M, the young lady wanted to reserve a big first for us, as if to thank us for having put her foot in the stirrup... Indeed, she admits to us that she really wants to to try sodomy for the very first time with us!
Candy Scott - First time sex with call girl - E44 (2022 | UltraHD/2K)

This guy couldn't believe his luck when this fucking hot brunette escort gave him some sexual treatment after a busy and hard day at work.
Aiden Ashley, Skye Blue - In To Her (2022 | FullHD)

Two incredible performers meet for the first time in this sweet and passionate scene. Skye and Aiden kiss intimately and take turns going down on each other and getting each other off. The chemistry is clear in the way they smile and look at each other. I don't think you want to miss this video.
Violet - Man They Really Fucked Me Up (2022 | HD)

Who doesn’t like a girl who can’t say no. We do!!! Next it’s off to the BBCSurprice / BlackAmbush.com hotel room couch were Cam surprises our lovely with the monster man meat cock sandwich of Mr. Jovan Jordan for her first ever black cock and with that her tour around her firsts is almost complete, and I’m guessing the only thing left to do to her holes is to stick one on her pink and one in her stink holes at the same time for her first ever DP. And I’ll say it now. This girl doesn’t disappoint. So our love story begins with Violet on the bed doing a solo masturbation and this girl knows how to work her holes, plural. She went strait for the butt plugs and got a taste of DP w/ Toys action because that’s just the type of girl she is as she used almost every fucking toy we had laid out for her on the bed. And if her body movements and leg twitching was any sort of a warning for how sexually charged this girl was to get with two cocks up her simultaneously, then you just know this was going to be a great day. So after giving her holes a very thorough tryout on the bed our sub skipped out to the bathroom were Tyler films her pissing and then being the horn dog he is just had to sample her baby making hole just to make sure its tight and wet for the debauchery that was to follow. Yep it sure as fuck was tight and wet he claims and then makes our girl Violet jump to her knees and taste herself while Cam even got into the action and licks that beautiful slit of hers. I don’t blame him because Violet’s cute as fuck and has a killer body and spectacular pussy, SPECTACLAR I say and one can only conclude that today’s events are going to be special and some days are just better than others. So the memories begin as our studs take turns throat fucking our sexy girl on the bed while Rocky tortures her clit with the magic wand and fills her pussy and ass with toys again simultaneously. “There’s lots of simultaneous shit going on here,” she declared and this is just a prelude I’m afraid dear to what’s going to happen to your holes later on so get ready. Next the guys took turns fucking every puckering orifice, asshole included, and they only took a few breaks from the poundings to throat fuck and gag our slut in training until it was time for her to eat their asses, which she did as the good submissive whore she is and did it with smile. A smile that was trying to break through in between the whimpering and tears of painal that she held back in doggy before the big DP finale that is, and it was big. This girl took a cock up her ass and pussy simultaneously like a pleasing champ, and if you’re into girls that push their limits that involve painal, than this scene wont disappoint. It even ends with both our studs unloading on her face for one double stuffed glazed donut of a good time. And just as every great musical event ends with an encore, so does this scene as Tyler surprises our submissive pleaser in the shower and proceeded to fuck her one more time and then ends it all with a golden shower that she eagerly licks, gargles with, and then surprisingly swallows some of his piss and as Austin Powers the man of mystery would put it, “Yeah Baby! That was one smashing of a good time,” and thanks for the shagging baby. Steve
Linn Lamborghini, Maya Morgan - After A Long Walk In The Park (2022 | FullHD)

We're crazy about city life. The first time we came to this city, we walked the streets all day and stayed in the parks till dawn. People smiled, friendly-like, and we knew we could live here. And after arriving at our new home, we felt comfy enough to savor ourselves like we've been staying here forever.
Lexi Aaane - Try To Make Me Squirt (2022 | FullHD)

Today RK has set up a challenge for you to enjoy: Can experienced maestro of squirt Lil D make curvy babe Lexi Aaane squirt for the first time? Lexi's never squirted before, even in her personal life, and she says she won't be disappointed if she doesn't, as long as she makes D cum. Lexi enjoys sucking his big D so much, she's hardly even thinking of squirting, but Lil D knows he's up to the challenge. Can Lil D make this tight pussy squirt for the first time before she milks out every drop of his load? You'll have to watch to find out!
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