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Liberta Black, Candice Demellza - Foursome With DP! (2022 | FullHD)

Enticing, mysterious Candice Demellza guides Rocco Siffredi's verité-style camera to an intimate encounter between stunning blonde Valentina (Liberta Black) and studly Italian Raul Costa. Raul gives a rim job to the bent, spread Valentina. Valentina shows off her deepthroat blowjob virtuosity. Aroused, Candice exposes her tiny, natural tits and wet twat. She takes Raul's meat in her submissive mouth. Candice mounts Raul, engulfing his root in her snatch, as Valentina licks her clit and sucks her tit. Candice's spit-soaked tongue lubes Valentina's open asshole. Raul reams Valentina's butt doggie-style as she gives Candice sweet lesbian cunnilingus. Valentina gallops on Raul's rod, taking an anal reaming, and Candice gives him ass-to-mouth head! Rocco's POV-style camera captures Candice intimately sucking his big cock. The girls trade off -- Valentina fellates Rocco and Raul fucks Candice's pussy. The guys spit-roast Valentina, Rocco's thick prick nailing her ass while she blows Raul. Valentina takes a feral double penetration, Rocco filling her twat and Raul stuffing her bunghole. Rocco blasts his load into Candice's hungry mouth. Raul's spunk splatters Valentina with a cum facial. The decadent foursome concludes with the girls bathing in a sloppy sperm kiss.
Vanessa Vox - Fun Lovin' Vanessa (2022 | FullHD)

Arizona babe Vanessa is going to college next year to study psychology. She's a smarty-pants who likes playing tennis and soccer. She was on the cheer squad in high school, and her hobbies include off-roading, hiking and going on dates. "I wouldn't say I'm a super horny person," Vanessa told us. "I have a healthy sex drive, and I've done some pretty crazy stuff, but I'm not, like, a slut." We asked Vanessa to tell us some of the crazy stuff she's done. "Well, like, I had sex in the outfield of my high school's baseball field. It wasn't even that dark out! I also had a foursome with another girl and two guys. The girl and I took turns eating each other out while the guys fucked us. That was a lot of fun."
Hime Marie, Madison Summers, Ryan Reid - Tantric Yoga turns into a deeply sensual foursome banger - VR (2022 | FullHD)

A VR Scene from GYM series.
Minxx Marley, Reese Robbins - Passing First Base (2022 | FullHD)

Joshua and Tyler are not the best when it comes to talking to and scoring with girls. Their stepsisters, Minx and Reese, are more than willing to teach them about getting to "first base." But the foursome doesn't stop there, and before anyone knows it, Josh and Tyler are going for home runs.
Mary Rock, Sata Jones - Dream House - Episode 2 (2022 | FullHD)

Four naked beauties are dancing together, as episode two of Andrej Lupin's erotic lesbian series "Dream House" begins. Gorgeous blondes Sata Jones and Mary Rock grab the opportunity for a more intimate encounter, kissing passionately in the kitchen. Sata's hand slides between Mary's spread thighs to stroke her pussy, getting her very aroused before she kneels to finger and lick her to a powerful orgasm. Mary caresses Sata's lovely breasts, sucking her pierced nipples, then bends her over the kitchen counter to diddle her from behind. She rubs Sata's clit and grabs her sexy ass as she thrusts her fingers deep, driving her to an intense climax. Mary perches on the counter for Sata to lavish attention on her wet pussy, giving her another mind-blowing orgasm. Re-joined by Marie Berger and Noa Tevez for a deliciously slippery interlude, the naked foursome soap one another up in the bathtub. When Mary and Sata are alone again, they take a leisurely shower, the mood turning steamy and sensual. They press their breasts together as they frig each other's slick slot to a final peak of pleasure.
Jenny Wild - Jenny Takes Three Cocks At Once! (2022 | FullHD)

Johnny Nitro and Porno Dan take a break from Jenny Wild and give Matt Bird a turn to fuck the hot blonde. After awhile Jenny wants more cock and Johnny and Dan join in on a hot foursome!
Angel Gostosa, Lily Lou - Curse of the Skull Swap Pt. 1 (2022 | FullHD)

The world is home to many curses and forms of magic, and when Oliver Faze and Elias Cash discover an ancient artifact, they swap bodies. Their stepsisters, Angel Gostosa and Lily Lou, notice a change in their behavior, so they attempt to catch Oliver and Elias off-guard. Things get dicey, and before anyone knows it, the quartet jumps into a full-on foursome.
Chloe Temple, Madison Summers, Scarlet Skies - What Does Sex Have To Do With Easter - S24:E6 (2022 | FullHD)

Chloe Temple, Madison Summers, and Scarlet Skies are inseparable BFFs. Today the girls are getting Madison's house all ready for Easter by decorating. The only catch to hanging out at Madison's place is that her stepbrother, Codey Steele, is kind of a perv. When he starts up with the girls today, Madison decides to start flirting right back. Eventually Codey has had enough and takes off, at which point Chloe and Scarlet start questioning Madison about what she was doing. Does Madison want to fuck her stepbrother? When her friends put it like that, Madison realizes that's exactly what she wants to do. Scarlet is a weirded out by it, but Chloe is totally into it and thinks that the idea is really hot.
Aften Opal, Eliza Eves, Lily Lou, Ava Sinclaire - Master Debaters (2022 | FullHD)

A high school debate team (Ava Sinclaire, Lily Lou, Eliza Eves, and Aften Opal) are meeting in a classroom to prepare for their next debate. The girls are surprised, however, when Ava reveals the topic: 'Masturbation - Healthy or Harmful?'. As much as they are perplexed by the choice of topic, the girls decide to handle it like they always do: with hard work and preparation. They agree to run through a mock debate to practice, with Ava and Lily arguing for 'Healthy' while Eliza and Aften argue for 'Harmful'.
Botched Dinner (2022 | FullHD)
Afterschool Delight (2022 | FullHD)
Hungry For More? (2021 | FullHD)
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