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Jasmine Jae - Joss helps out a damsel in distress (2023 | FullHD)
Joy, Anita - Joy couldn't dream of a better alloy! (2023 | FullHD)
Joy and Anita are waiting for you on Swame! Can't stop it! The sparkling Joy is now like a fish in water in front of the camera, and wants to savor the maximum sensations that all this gives her. It must be said that the young secretary from Alsace no longer has any taboos when it comes to sex, which pushes her to push her own limits... The one who has been able to try both male and female orgasms. female would now like to combine the pleasures. And to multiply the excitement, the naughty brunette will be entitled to familiar partners, who are none other than the sensational Anita and the unstoppable Hiro!
Alice W - How To Stuff A Pie With Chef March (2023 | FullHD)
Alice asks her roommate Dave, a pastry chef, to show her how to bake a pie. While they are cooking, Alice gets flour on her butt, which stains her pants. She then demands that Dave clean her buttocks… He then teaches her how to stuff a tart properly!
Stella - Started by two men, Stella appears conquered! (2023 | FullHD)
The more time passes, the more the naughty CV of the beautiful Stella grows! The young girl from Lille, who recently moved to the South not far from Marseille, is definitely ready to try everything when it comes to sex. Always so sexy in her carefully selected lingerie, the pretty redhead wants to take it to the next level, accompanied by two men. Hooded, the latter are preparing to totally dominate their prey of the day, before revealing their faces to increase the excitement of the moment...
Victoria Nova - Victoria, 47, swears by lust! (2023 | FullHD)
Victoria is no longer afraid to show her true personality, which is very far from the shy image that she could convey at first sight. The sublime 47-year-old milf continues her path which, for the moment, is strewn with no pitfalls. It must be said that the beautiful executive assistant with insane chest is very comfortable in front of the cameras, which pushes her to always go further in her goals. Today, it's a threesome with another woman waiting for the beautiful Parisian blonde. Indeed, the sulphurous Marie absolutely wanted to taste this magnificent pair of breasts which gave her so many lustful ideas...
Stella, Emmanuelle - Stella concludes her weekend with Emmanuelle in style (2023 | FullHD)
After spending a weekend together and frolicking with the handsome young men present, the superb Stella and Emmanuelle begin to feel that the end of the stay is approaching. But before each going back to their daily lives, it was out of the question for them not to slum one last time, and this time with each other! The plan is simple, namely to join the boys after they have finished watching their football match to offer them a third half of the most lecherous...
Anita - Goes For It (2023 | FullHD)
Joy - Secretary in Strasbourg! (2023 | HD)
Find Joy on her account Swame! Although living in Alsace, the pretty Joy, 29, has a complexion that is not necessarily the one that is appropriate in the region... It must be said that the professional secretary has origins further south of Europe, on the side of Portugal! A stressed in front of the camera, the young lady explains despite everything that she is a greedy in terms of sex, and that she has decided to come and show off on a film set in order to spice up her fine parts a . And with Hiro around, it was clear that the beautiful brunette was going to have a hell of a time of lust! Take
Alexis Crystal - A moment of relaxation before the boxing match (2023 | FullHD)
Georges' manager thinks above all about his well-being. The champion must absolutely prepare for his boxing fight and be in the best possible condition. For that, he brought her a surprise, Alexis, who is as good in bed as Georges can be in a ring ...
Alice, Katy - The greedy Katy is spoiled! (2023 | FullHD)
Find more naughty content from Alice on Swame! After having tasted the lust of Sapphic pleasures, the radiant Katy only aspires to repeat the experience! It must be said that resisting the charm of the sensational Alice is almost mission impossible. So, when the young Auvergne realizes that she will be able to have fun again with her blonde sidekick, her excitement goes up a notch. After a few hugs and caresses, the two naughty girls join Klem in the bedroom, who is obviously busy doing something else...
Jade, Leila - Jade and Leila, a shock duo! (2023 | FullHD)
Rediscover Leila and Jade thanks to their Swame! No time for talk with Leila and Jade! The two nymphs with mischievous smiles have an inexhaustible thirst for adventure, and are inevitably very eager to share their thrills. For the occasion, here they are reunited in front of the camera with the aim of having fun without taking the lead, as usual! Came with two handsome stallions in their suitcases, the young ladies quickly put themselves in working order and slum according to their deepest desires...
Katy - Katy's new nocturnal follies... (2023 | FullHD)
Out of the question for Katy to stop on this lustful path that she likes so much! The Auvergne, decidedly very inspired sexually speaking, no longer hides her passion for hardcore and her naughty ambitions that she wishes to achieve in front of the camera. Dressed in lingerie that would make even the most robust dizzy, she reveals that she had two stallions, Hiro and Klem, who wasted no time in joining her... It must be said that the prospect of taking advantage of the excitement of the young lady was more than enticing, especially when she gave them more details about her desires of the moment!
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