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Epiphany Jones - Repaid in pussy (2021 | FullHD)

If ever there was a aptly-named slut out there, it is Epiphany Jones. She reveals all. See, Epiphany gives great face. Not to overlook her body or cock skills — all on point, btw — but she really shows you what's going on with her facial expressions. Stroll through her fuck pics; you can see her cum by her eyes, like it's you're there fucking her yourself. Such an elite skill set among whores, and Epiphany has it in spades. This week, Pascal has another misadventure in loan-sharking as one of his deadbeat punters sends Epiphany over to "refinance" his debt. Well, we sure hope this sap is watching because Pascal is going to show him exactly how deep into the hole a man can go. In addition to her super-human ability to de-sperm men with her eyes.
Chloe Cherry - Craves Cock (2021 | FullHD)

Chloe Cherry is craving cock in sexy, pink lingerie. Chloe plays with her pussy before sucking cock. She knows how to handle cock and loves to please her man. She craves Mick Blue's piece in this sexy blowjob session.
Candy Love - WeLikeToSuck (2021 | FullHD)
Nina Rivera - Sexting My New Stepsis (2021 | FullHD)

The ever-horny Nina Rivera is on the computer, having video sex with a stranger. They can't see each other's faces because they both desire privacy, but they do get a good look at the other person's clothing and appealing genitals. They dirty talk and masturbate together, but just when they're both about to cum, Nina's dad calls her down for dinner. Nina has to go downstairs, leaving them both horny and unsatisfied. When she goes to sit down at the table, she notices that her new stepbrother, Jimmy Michaels, is wearing the same shirt as the guy she was video chatting with. The two lusty individuals were just camming with each other! It doesn't take too long before Nina sneakily teases Jimmy under the table, before they both slip upstairs and fuck in Nina's bedroom.
Julz Gotti - I Know Some Things This Intern Can Help Me (2021 | FullHD)

Julz just started classes this semester and she's liking the way her schedule turned out! No classes before noon, no classes on Friday, mostly easy professors....it's lit!Julz can't believe her good luck, especially since she registered so late! Her counselor told her that she was going to need to pass all these classes to graduate on time since she messed up last semester.Now her schedule isn't completely 5 stars...there's this random internship that she was assigned...apparently some alum from the school has a film company and she got assigned to help him out.Film isn't what she's studying...but it was the only class left that would fill her graduation requirements...so she'll take it! Julz doesn't have a choice really. If she doesn't get her credit papers signed at the end of every week for the next couple of months then she doesn't graduate. It's that simple.But hey. It could be worse. The rest of her classes are calm and relaxing. Julz hopes the internship will be too.
Indica Monroe - Indica Suck It Dry (2021 | FullHD)

Indica Monroe is a tattooed babe with those blowjob eyes, a bangin' body & a desire to take that hot cum all the way down her throat! Her hardcore head game will have you in a daze. She's here to get the back of her throat polished by a big fat boner! She sucks, slurps & chokes on that dick for her own horny pleasure!
Luna Eclipse - Out fucking random old men (2021 | FullHD)

We've been at this quite a while now, so it's always amusing to see our protagonists get flummoxed trying to play it cool with certain models. Luna Eclipse is that kind of girl. As innocent as she seems, she has that perilous gooning effect on men; her mere smile sends our filmmakers into a fumbling stupor straight away. John can barely go through the safe words as Luna sits serenely on his couch with her pussy out. Fans of the baby girl seeking daddy dick will love this one. Luna is 19, but like all proper sluts, she's already decently seasoned, having done many kinky things that ladies twice her age have yet to get into. So enjoy Luna in all her pale schoolgirl sweetness, getting absolutely creamy for Daddy Pascal.
Jordan Maxx - The Perfect Maid 5 (2021 | FullHD)

Jordan Maxx is a multi-tasking maid like no other, cleaning Keiran Lee's home while allowing him to do as he pleases to her! The sexy blonde dusts and scrubs meticulously while Keiran stuffs his face in her pussy, before she cleans his cock with her mouth! Once the job is done, it's time to put down the duster and move on to fucking, with Keiran making a new mess in the form of a facial, covering Jordan with his cum!
Jasmine Jae - The Horniest Man On Earth (2021 | FullHD)

Sexy scientist Jasmine Jae has been tasked with interviewing and running tests on a caged Danny D, who claims to be the... horniest man on Earth!! Danny's claims seem to be true; he's wild, full of explosive cum and his heart rate is off the chart after the slightest stimulation. Jasmine tries to be professional at first, but as she learns more about her horny subject, the more she wants to try out some hands-on experimentation. Jasmine eventually lets Danny out of his cage, excited by the prospect of being fucked by Danny's massive and mega-horny dick.
Selena Blaze - I Needed My Dick Sucked (2021 | FullHD)

I sat down and she pulled my dick out and went to work. Just like that.If you seen this girl work before, you already know. Her throat so fuqn wet. She had my dick, balls and ass covered in throat juices.Of course she cleaned it off though. Slurped up all that slime as she tongued my asshole. This nasty ass bitch's mouth do it all!I can't get enough of that deep throat sloppy shii. But even tho I wanted to fuq her face all night...my dick was like "B....this head too much."And when you get too much wet sloppy throat, its only one thing you can do
Nella Jones - Stretching Nella'S Throat (2021 | FullHD)

Nella Jones is a raven haired dick sucking dreamgirl. She's so seductive as she looks at you with blowjob eyes, giving a wet & nasty bj to remember. Get mesmerized by her beauty, then watch her Swallow a fat load!
Maya Farrell & Indica Monroe - Maya & Indica (2021 | FullHD)

Brunette babes Maya Farrell and Indica Monroe are a cock gobbling force to be reckoned with when they put their mouths together. These juicy booty bombshells help themselves to the hard dick they came for and take the time to share it all; cum and drool included!
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