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Airtight! Hot Chicks with Small Tits in Gangbangs (2022 | HD)

A Bound Gangbang compilation of hot chicks with small tits getting stuffed in every slutty hole! With tight bondage, spanking, slapping, flogging, choking, spitting, rough blowjobs, hardcore fucking, anal, double penetration, over the top orgasms and bukkake- that’s right 5 hot loads of cum dripping down the pretty faces of sexy, horny sluts who can’t get enough cock.
BDSM (2022 | FullHD)

Everyone has their different ideas of romance. This dude has the right idea. Especially with a girl as cute as Tia. Start with some spanking, get your cock down her throat, ... and that's pretty much it.
Pascals Sub Sluts (2022 | FullHD)

Nikki is back and giddy as ever. This one is all porn folks; Nikki did not want to waste any time. If you want to get to know her better, her first shoot provides the necessary context, so check that out. We should mention that Nikki is from Ukraine, and these scenes were filmed before the Russian invasion - better times indeed. However, we did check in with Nikki after - she's living in Prague. But she did say, if we mention anything about her homeland, that we do something to help the children of Ukraine. So that's what we did. We are donating proceeds from memberships during March to the International Medical Corps, which is helping Ukrainian kids and their families during this crisis. If you've recently joined us - welcome, and know that you too are pleasing Nikki by helping her people. If you would like to further help, you can donate to the Medical Crops here:
BDSM (2022 | HD)

There was a time when Claire Adams directed Device Bondage. She thoughtfully created brutal and creative predicaments. She administered torment and anxiety that produced screams that probably still echo in the basement of The Armory. These are five scenes out of so many, that Claire has directed for Kink. Alani Pi is strapped on her back to a wooden frame with a Sybian bound to her pussy. She screams in pain and in pleasure through her taped shut mouth as Claire puts metal clips, barely on the skin of her arms and legs...
BDSM (2022 | HD)

It is the year 2116. The human race has survived a near asteroid collision, a nuclear holocaust, and domination by artificial intelligence. Humanity remains the lifeblood of its technological overlords and any behavior that doesn’t serve the system is deemed a threat. Activists, intellectuals, and sexual deviants are considered especially problematic. Those whose actions stray from the prime objective are sent to rehabilitation clinics for reprogramming before they’re terminated. Patient 669, Chanel Heart, is charged with unauthorized sexual activity that includes same sex encounters, sadomasochistic behaviors, and general misuse of energy and time vital to the system. The treatment: shock aversion therapy! Medical officer Chanel Preston administers treatment in the form of suspension bondage, an electrified pussy plug, the zapper, the violet wand, the samurai, electro foot torment, a conductive silicone dildo fucking, face sitting, pussy licking, and a devious combination of pleasure and pain!
BDSM (2022 | FullHD)

It’s after dark in the city and lesbian lovers Rebeka Ruby and Ginger Mary are getting their kink on. Brunette Domme Rebeka stands on the bed, flaunting perfect breasts and puffy nipples. She is wearing a strap-on harness, with a huge black dildo jutting from her crotch. Wild and willing submissive Ginger is naked in a leather collar, leash and cuffs, crawling on all fours... The redhead circles her Mistress, then moves between her legs to suck on the toy. Rebeka caresses her girlfriend's hair, then grabs it roughly, moving her mouth up and down the shaft. Ginger moans around it, gazing up at her Dominant lover, and continues to oralize it eagerly even after she has been released. Meanwhile, Rebeka responds as if her mock-cock was the real thing. Rebeka withdraws, gives Ginger’s nipples a light spanking with the dildo, then crams it in her cleavage, shoving her globes together around it for a titty-ride. She slides back, trailing the tip down the redhead’s body to her shaved pussy. She eases the dildo inside, going a deeper with each thrust. Ginger’s legs are raised and Rebeka grasps her bound ankles, pounding her as both girls moan. Next, Rebeka bangs her side-on, keeping her on a tight leash as she pushes almost the entire veined length in her snatch. They switch position – Ginger straddles the Domme and rides her hard, before spinning around to take it crouching reverse cowgirl. Rebeka spurs her on with hand-spanks to the ass and watches the strap-on plow her. As Ginger gets closer to cumming, she reaches back to tease her anal pucker, before slipping a finger in her asshole. Finally, Rebeka kneels behind her, pinning one arm behind her back and yanking on her hair. Ginger’s cries get louder, peppered with dirty talk as her girlfriend screws her to orgasm. Satisfied, the lovers share a tender kiss.
BDSM (2022 | HD)

Gabriella Paltrova, AKA Gabby, took a time off, but she’s back and hotter then ever. Gabby’s in desperate need of some full domination, as her brat is starting to show! We get her into the dungeon, and in no time she is being a bossy slut to Quinton James. Quinton is a man who is used to being underestimated, so he lets her do her thing. Gabby has no idea what he’s capable of, but she is about to find out…the hard way. We begin with Gabby on her back with her ankles pulled up, her arms pulled down beside her, and her thighs spread nice and wide. Quinton doesn’t ease into this at all, because now it’s time for him to show her what he’s made of. Breath control sets the pace for what he has in store for her before he fucks her mouth and pussy. Gabby now sees the error in her ways, but Quinton has only just begun. Next, Gabby is pulled into a hogtie suspension where Quinton has the ability to use her holes as he sees fit. Orgasms pour out of Gabby uncontrollably as he continues to fuck and vibe her pussy until she can no longer take it. In the final scene, Gabby is on top of a fuck box with her legs tied to her arms so that Quinton can have his way with her one more time. He checks in to see where her brattiness is, and surprisingly it’s subsided since he started the day. He fucks her face for a bit before going back to using her pussy, and ripping nonstop orgasms out of her. She begs for him to stop, but he is going to prove to he that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.
Cherie DeVille - BDSM (Kink) (2022 | HD)

She’s back and it has been far too long. Seasoned submissive pro’s like Cherie Deville love dishing massive loads of punishment and justice to professionals of adult film world. She has fucked, sucked, smacked, slapped, and sounded every conceivable hole in every conceivable fashion over the course of her career. However, as she dishes out her unique brand of sexual justice on the world she secretly hungers to be put in her place. She yearns for a giant set of man-hands to smother her and choke her until sees God. A woman like Cherie needs to have control taken from her and then have massive orgasms ripped from her hungry holes. And, there is only one place that she goes to have this need met: Device Bondage... The Pope wastes time and gets his play thing naked and spread wide open right way. He paws at Cherie’s feet like a famished bear that doesn’t know its own strength and is blind with hunger. Mercifully he inflicts ceaseless waves of pain to the bottoms of her feet that yield raw gasps of anguish hushed only by the giant ball gag that stifles her pleas for help. The Pope then tenderizes her body with a mean cattle prod that gets his piece of meat inline and behaving like a submissive worthy of his time. He then bends her over and displays her all natural and athletic MILF ass for all the world to see. Using his giant hands, he makes her butt a tender shade of pinks with a spanking that stings Cherie to core and makes her hungry pussy drip with desire. She begs The Pope to play with her cunt and he obliges her by cramming a massive dildo so deep inside of her that you can see it coming out of her mouth. He coerces her to have a never ending way of multiple orgasms until she can no longer hold her own weight. And, when The Pope has grown tired of playing with his whore toy, he straps her into a sybian and watches her gyrate until every drop of sexual energy has been expelled from her body like a greedy demon stealing into the dark night. Cherie Deville gets punished and fucked in sadistic metal bondage and cums until she can hardly stand!!
Jet Setting Jasmine, Avery Black - BDSM (WhippedAss) (2022 | HD)

Jet Setting Jasmine puts newcomer Avery Black through the ringer when she applies to be her sub in this kinky Whipped Ass update. Wearing tiny pink panties, matching see-through bra and heels Avery Black’s nipples are already hard anticipating the touch of Queen Jasmine, but Jasmine has a rigorous interview process for this slut to find out if she is worthy of her time and dungeon. Avery boasts she’s really good at making lattes but by the end of the day she’ll be good at getting her ass whipped and taking Goddess Jasmine’s big cock... Jasmine pulls Avery over her knee and spanks her smooth, round ass until it turns bright red and then takes it further with the paddle on her sensitive inner thighs. Flipped over on her lap Avery is instructed to make herself cum so she rubs her wet clit while Jasmine watches as she wiggles and moans with pleasure. Now upside down in full suspension Avery is bound tight with her face smothered in Jasmine’s hot crotch. Avery desperately tries to reach Jasmine’s pussy with her tongue through the latex bodysuit and fishnet stockings she’s wearing but it’s difficult so the Goddess lowers her willing applicant to the ground and sits on her pretty face to make it easier. She puts clothes pins on her nipples and pussy lips then vibes Avery’s clit with the Hitachi while she gets herself off. The interview process continues with a double flogging on Avery’s ass until her legs are shaking and she is giggling from the pleasure and pain. Queen Jasmine has given all she can to this selfish horny slut, its time for Avery to prove what she can bring to the table. Sexy Avery straddles Jasmine’s strap on cock and gets to work fucking her pussy until she cums and cums as Jasmine zaps her with electricity. Jet Setting J decides she wants Avery to be her cum mattress so she lays on top of her and vibes her own clit until she squirts all over the applicant’s ass. Welcome to the team Avery Black, you’re hired!
Kylie Le Beau - BDSM (BrutalSessions) (2022 | HD)

Kylie Le Beau is quickly becoming a Kink favorite. Paired up with Tommy Pistol in this brutal display of domination, you’ll see why. Kylie has recently started exploring her masochistic side, and it’s a side that we all love to see. She begins tied to a steel rack, kneeling like a good slut. Tommy gets straight to work, playing with her nipples, slapping, and fucking her throat. Next, Kylie is on her back with her legs spread wide and bound to steel pipes to ensure she can’t resist Tommy’s very sadistic nature. He over stimulates her with a crop to the pussy and then her tits. He then plows his hard cock balls deep inside of her pussy and fucks her hard. He fucks her ass and crams four fingers inside her hungry pussy. Next, Kylie is placed face down and ass up. Tommy can’t resist her sweet ass and so he fucks it into non-stop orgasms. Kylie continues being brutalized until she finally gets a load blown all over her pretty face.
Bella Grey - Backstage First Anal Scene On VK Studio - Real Life (2021 | HD)
Candy Scott - Candy Scott Tries Her First DAP And DP With 3 Big Cocks, Deep Throat, Anal, Piss Drinking, Spits, Rimming Female Piss (2021 | HD)
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