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Syren DeMer aka Syren De Mer - Are You Ready To Play With Step Mommy? (2023 | FullHD)
Redhead slutty step mom Syren DeMer begs her step son to stroke his cock for her.
Alexis Malone, Kenzie Love - College Bound Cream Pie (2023 | FullHD)
Elias and Spikey are off to college, and their stepmoms, Alexis and Kenzie, will miss them dearly. The two milfs express to one another that they want nothing more than to be pregnant. To see their dreams come true, the cunning milfs hatch a scheme to have their stepsons cum inside them before they go away to college. Alexis and Kenzie blindfold their stepsons, and when the blindfolds are removed, Elias and Spikey are shocked to see their stepmoms bent over in front of them, pussies out, ready to be fucked. It feels good to fuck each other’s stepmom, but Alexis and Kenzie want to get fucked by their own stepsons, so they initiate a sneaky swap to make things even kinkier.
Daisy Lavoy, Ember Snow - You Cant Learn This At School (2023 | FullHD)
What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Daisy Lavoy is super into her swap dad, Vince Karter. Eventually, Vince sends his swap wife Ember Snow to check on her swap son, Rico Hernandez. The moment Ember is gone, Daisy and Vince come together in a frantic embrace.
Maya Woulfe, Lulu Chu, Bunny Madison - May I Please Watch? (2023 | FullHD)
Maya Woulfe and her girlfriend, Lulu Chu, are getting frisky in Maya's room. Suddenly, they are interrupted when Maya's stepmom, Bunny Madison, barges into the room. Bunny admits that she's been hearing the sounds of Maya and Lulu's lovemaking through the walls for weeks now.
Sydney Paige - You Wont Break Me Stepson - S2:E1S (2023 | FullHD)
Sydney Paige loves to work out. The blonde milf has some serious curves that she doesn't want to lose, but she still wants to keep herself nice and fit. Today, a pipe has burst at the gym so she's working out at home. Her stepson, Rion King, walks in on her and can't help but watch. Since Rion is there anyway, Sydney announces that he can assist her with stretching. Rion is a bit tentative at first, but Sydney insists he can go harder because he won't break.
Shay Sights - Sexy MILF Shay Sights shows her son's friend how it gets done in the bedroom (2023 | FullHD)
Shay Sights gets an unexpected dick pic from her son's friend Tyler by accident. It was meant for a someone he's trying to hook up with. She tells him that you shouldn't just send a picture of your dick to someone and expect anything to happen. Shay shows him how to set the tone in person, paying attention to que's, and then taking action on ultimately pleasing her.
Skylar Snow - Give And Take With My Horny Stepmom - S2:E3 (2023 | FullHD)
Spikey Dee is in the bathtub with a hardon when Skylar Snow walks in on him. She tries to talk to Spikey about his day, but Spikey is painfully shy under the circumstances. Skylar tries to put Spikey at ease by offering to wash his back, to which he cautiously agrees. When she's done, Skylar tells Spikey that she's going to go make dinner since his dad's out of town. She leaves him in the tub, conflicted that he has a boner from his bigtit stepmom...
Lilly Hall - Hijab Hunter - S2:E2 (2023 | FullHD)
Lilly Hall is a horny milf, and she just can't hide it. She saw some ladies getting naked and fucking online, and now she won't be satisfied until she has livestreamed her own big naturals. She also knows her stepson Joshua Lewis has been checking her out. She confesses on her stream that she knows he's into her and that she's going to fuck and breed him...
Armani Black, Violet Gems - Spanking My Girlfriend Way Too Loudly (2023 | FullHD)
Horny teen Violet Gems wants to try something a bit different with her boyfriend, Damion Dayski, but the sound of his belt against her ass is loud enough to wake up her stepmom, Armani Black! Violet tries to lie about what they're up to, but the hot stepmom sees right through her... and takes the belt away to show the college students how it's done! Armani pulls them into her bedroom and gives Violet a lesson in sucking cock and taking dick, then it's time for a demonstration as Armani gets fucked too.
Marta, Zabava Strap - - Aunt and Stepmother Give Guy His First-ever Sex Ed (2023 | FullHD)
It is only in fairy tales that the stepmother is always evil, and the real mom is kind. But in reality it is just the opposite. Stepmothers are much more attentive to their stepsons, they really care about them and worry about their mental and physical development. And if a sister is around, stepmothers are at their best. This time, the two sisters gave the young virgin a real master class in sex education. And, it seems, for a while the guy got into a real fairy tale...
Reagan Foxx - - My Debt To You (2023 | HD)
Reagan (Foxx) returns home late and is accosted at her doorway by her mean landlord Jack Remington (Dick Chibbles), who confronts her and makes snide remarks, calling her one of those "Back door girls". He's intimidating, sarcastic, and his stare makes her tremble but he finally comes to the point, demanding the rent.
Julie Robbie - Points For Pleasure (2023 | FullHD)
Busty milf Julia is tired of her lazy stepson Alex sitting around the house all day, so she comes up with a solution that might help him find the motivation to get off his butt. When Alex earns points for doing chores around the house, he can redeem his points for special stepmommy time. The reward system is a game changer, and soon Alex is doing housework around the clock. When he earns enough points to finally fuck Julia, he doesn’t waste any time reaping the benefits of his efforts. Proud of Alex, Julia sucks his cock before she tells him to fuck her from behind. This system is fun for her, too, and she loves taking every inch of her stepson’s dick. It doesn’t look like Alex will have any more issues finding the inspiration he needs to do his chores!
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