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Bridgette B - Sexy Bridgette B. cheats on her husband to get some big cock - REMASTERED (2022 | SD)

Bridgett B. is annoyed. She only knows repeated disappointment and constant frustration from her husband. When her husband's friend is around, she can't wait to make the most of the situation. Bridgett will fill up her lonely days and empty pussy with a hard cock!
Gia Oh My - Petite co-ed, Gia Oh My, used to bully Diego but now she want's to fuck him (2022 | FullHD)

Diego is about to do his laundry when Gia Oh My spots him and starts picking on him like she used to do back in the day. He's all grown up now and he confronts Gia on why she bullied him all the time. Diego comes to the conclusion that she just had a crush on him. Gia dares him to pull his dick out to prove him wrong but when he does, she starts to get wet and wants to fuck him right there in public.
Ailee Anne, Chanel Camryn, Lily Larimar - Co-Ed hotties Ailee Anne, Chanel Camryn, and Lily Larimar heard a rumor their Professor was packing a Thundercock! - VR (2022 | FullHD)

College girl co-ed hotties Ailee Anne, Chanel Camryn, and Lily Larimar heard their Professor has a huge dick. The girls arrange it so they are the last in class to leave and approach him. They crawl on his desk and ask him bluntly about his giant thick dick and demand to see it. once he pulls it out, the girls can't help themselves to shove his thundercock in their tight wet college pussies.
Casca Akashova - Big tit blonde Casca Akashova gets naughty in the classroom (2022 | FullHD)

Professor Casca Akashova has a thing for tall students. She's a science professor and she has a theory that tall guys have tall cocks. She puts that theory to the test and finds out that she can barely fit this student in her tight hole.
Sophia Leone - Sophia Leone gets wet watching her friend's husband sniff her panties (2022 | FullHD)

Sophia Leone's washer and dryer went out so she stops by her friend's house to do some laundry. Sophia's friend isn't home, but her friend's husband Michael is. Michael shows Sophia how to use the washer. Sophia tosses her delicates into the washer and when she walks away Michael grabs her delicates and sniffs them. Sophia walks back to the laundry room where she catches Michael red handed, but watching him sniff her panties really turned her on. To kill some time while her laundry finishes Sophia and Michael decide to fuck.
Jesse Pony - Sexy wife Jesse Pony needs to get fucked and now (2022 | FullHD)

Jesse Pony just got home from her trip and is so horny. She's begging her husband to come home to give her what she wants, but he can't. So she uses her driver's cock to satisfy her needs.
Mila Taylor, Daisy Stone - Hot and horny porn stars Mila Taylor, Daisy Stone are here to show you a very good time - VR (2022 | UltraHD/2K)

What a better mix than a blonde and a brunette to spice your day! Mila Taylor, Daisy Stone start by oiling themselves up and tease you until they invite you to pull out your cock and slide it in and out of their wet pornstar pussies!
Arietta Adams - Natural Redhead Arietta Adams fucks friend's bro to make ex mad (2022 | FullHD)

Arietta Adams needs a favor from her friend's brother, Brick. Arietta really wants to make her ex boyfriend jealous and she needs Brick to go to a party with her and make out with her in front of everyone. Brick isn't keen to the idea seeing as he has a girlfriend and Arietta is his sister's friend, but Arietta convinces him and even has a practice fuck with him before heading out.
Dani Jensen - Cutie Dani Jensen fucks one big cock - REMASTERED (2022 | SD)

Dani Jensen is trying to convince her boyfriend to stay in school. He won't listen and just keeps shooting pool. Dani takes drastic measures to get his attention, like sinking his balls in her mouth-pocket!!
Chantal Danielle, Kitana Montana, Maddy May - Tattooed babes visit their favorite artist to persuade him into squeezing them in for a session - VR (2022 | FullHD)

Chantal Danielle, Kitana Montana, and Maddy May take a trip and visit their favorite tattoo artist to get some work done. Unfortunately, he's booked for months. The girls aren't leaving with out getting tattooed though. They bust out their tits and rub up on his cock persuading him to squeeze them in for a session. He can't help but give in. He'll squeeze them in between other clients as long as he can squeeze their tits and ass and they give some wet pussy while they're at it.
Kenzie Anne - Sexy blonde Kenzie Anne gets naughty and fucks a married man (2022 | FullHD)

Kenzie Anne is getting her taxes done by Ryan. She finds Ryan very attractive but sees his wedding ring. When asking how his marriage is, Ryan says it has its ups and downs. Kenzie can't resist a married man's urges and her pussy sure can use some ups and downs from his hard cock.
Vanessa Cage - Busty Blonde Porn Star Vanessa Cage saves fuel by riding a Pilot (2022 | FullHD)

Vanessa Cage has been one of my all time favorite porn stars for a while now. I followed her from Co-ed to MILF and she is even hotter now than before, didn't think that was possible. So when a co-pilot of mine told me about this site he saw her one, you know, one where pornstars pay you a visit (for the right price of course) I knew I had to have her. So tonight, Vanessa stopped by my hotel room and I had her take a ride on the friendly skies...which is what I call my cock.
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