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Emily Mayers - Not Like Other Stepsisters (2021 | FullHD)

Emily Mayers loves living with her new stepbrother, Don Diego. She's also comfortable with wearing nothing at all or super seductive clothes, whatever it takes to get some from Don. The busty European babe wakes up from sleeping naked and prepares breakfast for Don in the buff. She delivers his breakfast in bed, then waits for him to notice that she's not wearing a thing. Later, Emily makes a point of cleaning up wearing a barely-there shirt and thong. Still later, Emily plays a game with Don dressed in a shirt that can't even cover her tits. When she loses, she pretends she thought they were playing the cards for pieces of clothing. Desperate to get Don to take her, Emily waits, naked, for him in the shower and then surprises him with her breasts pressed against the glass.When Don runs away from her shower stunt, Emily follows him into the bedroom. She tells him to stop running since she can see that his dick is all ready for her. Crawling into bed with him, she tosses the covers aside and pulls Don's cock close so she can live out all her fantasies about licking and sucking him down. Her mouth is the perfect amount of pressure, making Don as hard as a rock and clearly ready to fuck. When Emily takes things a step further by turning and straddling her stepbrother's hips so she can sink down on him and ride him in reverse cowgirl, Don doesn't even try to protest any more.Now that Emily has her stepbrother's cock right where she wants it, she's not about to settle for a single position. She turns around to give it to Don in cowgirl. Don even gets the opportunity to settles his hands on his stepsister's lush ash and squeeze to his heart's content. Emily falls to her side and lifts one leg so that Don can spoon behind her and reenter her greedy twat. That paves the way for Emily to get on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. When Emily finds herself on her back with her stepbro on his knees above her banging that cock loving twat, she begs him to cum inside. Don delivers, giving Emily the cumshot she's craving so that she can dip her fingers into her pussy and pull out a salty treat to lap right up.
Bella Luna (2021 | FullHD)

Bella is as beautiful as her name. And she has a hunger for cock to match that beauty. She gets naked to show off her sexy body and all the ink art covering it. Within seconds she is met on the bed by Alex and his thick French cock. She gulps it down immediately and continues to suck in various positions. She gets a courtesy muff dive before her smiling face is frosted with cum.
Zuko - Go Back To The Boyfriend (2021 | FullHD)

Do you remember Zuko?, this girl appeared in putalocura a few years ago and left us some good scenes, today she comes to introduce us to her boyfriend and fuck him so that we can see that he is still in good shape, he lowers his fly to take it with his mouth and put it on him. hard cock, after a good meal of pussy Zuko fucks him riding on his cock, after fucking in various positions Zuko wants the milk in his mouth and the boy reciprocates it with a good cumshot in his sweet mouth so that he swallow with pleasure
Raven Right - Step Daddy's  Slut (2021 | FullHD)

Blonde naughty teen Raven Right can't wait to get her hands all over her step daddy and finally fuck him in her bedroom.
Ashley Rider (EU) (32) & Mr. Longwood (41) - This is (2021 | FullHD)

Sexy blue-eyed chubby Ashley Rider jerks off and pleases with her mouth the huge hose of her black buddy Mr. Longwood.
Anna Claire Clouds - Anna Claire Clouds Treats You Right (2021 | FullHD)

Ending her Cherry of the Month with a LIVE show is exactly how Anna Claire Clouds wanted to end what was a magnificent month for her. She absolutely loved being made August 2021 Cherry of the Month and she really wanted to have a show with her fans that helped her get there! Anna loves to give you POV blowjobs. Just look into those beautiful eyes as she sucks down your cock. Go ahead cum on her face! She craves and desires your cum to cover her! Her makeup is not complete until your cum covers her face! Anna spreads her legs and pussy wide using her toy so deeply in her pussy while she moans out your name begging you to go harder and rougher. Don't be scared of this girl. She is no delicate flower! Archive from 8-25-2021 5pm LIVE show!
Marilyn Sugar & Rebecca Volpetti - Working From Home (2021 | FullHD)

Marilyn Sugar, Rebecca Volpetti, and Sam Bourne are part of a threesome that lives together. Sam has been working from home, but Marilyn and Rebecca are eager for him to give them the attention they crave. Today, they've come up with a plan to make sure that Sam joins them in the bedroom instead of staying glued to his computer.They begin with Rebecca taking a quick shower while Marilyn does her makeup. The girls both wind up decked out in lingerie that hugs their curves. Strutting into the kitchen where Sam is trying to concentrate, they kick off a not-so-subtle makeout session that involves plenty of caresses. When both girls are topless, they relocate directly into Sam's line of view. Marilyn gets Rebecca's panties off and tosses them to Sam, who looks up to see Rebecca pressed against the doorframe and Marilyn crouched behind her, teasing Rebecca's pussy. When they know they have Sam's attention, the girls embrace and beckon Sam to join them in the bedroom.They don't wait for Sam to get their party really started. Since the girls are both nude anyway, Rebecca goes to town squeezing and suckling Marilyn's breasts. That's how Sam finds them. They welcome him with open arms and mouths, making sure that his hard dick receives plenty of attention even as they're kissing him. When Rebecca and Marilyn get down on their knees to start sucking Sam off, they share so nicely as they indulge every bit of their passion.Sam eventually gets on the bed so that the girls can continue to blow him. Their BJ and ball sucking bliss only comes to an end when Marilyn takes things to the next level by letting Rebecca help her straddle Sam's hips and slide down onto his fuck stick. Her velvet gloves pulses in delight as she rocks her hips and enjoys that first feeling of fullness.Rebecca gets to enjoy the same treatment as Marilyn climbs off and lets her girlfriend hop on. Where Marilyn enjoyed herself in reverse cowgirl, Rebecca takes Sam's cock on a cowgirl ride. Marilyn's hands on her ass and Sam's balls help both of them double down on their delight. When Rebecca hops off, Marilyn is there to suck her girlfriend's juices from her boyfriend's hardon.Sam stays on his back as Marilyn mounts him in cowgirl and Rebecca crawls on top of his mouth. Riding Sam's tongue while Marilyn rides his cock is the perfect interlude for Rebecca. She can even lean forward and suckle Marilyn's bouncing titties and hard nipples.Rebecca gets to enjoy the D again as she gets on her hands and knees so that Sam can take her in doggy. He gives it to her in a perfectly sensual rhythm that Marilyn wants some of, too. Sam is happy to deliver when the girls swap spots. In fact, Rebecca takes the opportunity to slide underneath Marilyn in a makeshift lesbian 69. That puts her face in the perfect spot to catch Sam's cumshot in her open mouth when he blows his load right on Marilyn's bare muff.
Marie - WTF is this guy saying (2021 | FullHD)
Skylar Vox - The Guarantee (2021 | FullHD)

Oh no! Now you can't be a slut. Guess you'll have to find another guy online to fuck, since your boyfriend can't come over... I'm just saying you could find better guys. Just because your boyfriend can make you cum, doesn't mean he's not still a loser. A lot of guys can do that. I guarantee I could make you cum.. Not that I'd ever do that, obviously....
Sasha Rose - A Horny Day (2021 | FullHD)
Kyler Quinn - Stepsisters Boo Hoo Story (2021 | FullHD)

Kyler Quinn knows that her stepbrother, Jay Romero, has the hots for her. She totally takes advantage of his crush. There's not a day that goes by that Kyler doesn't play up her cuteness to get what she wants from Jay. She takes his food, borrows his car, and just generally makes sure that she always comes out as far ahead as her flirting can get her. One day, though, Kyler finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. This time, when she approaches Jay, she has something a bit different in mind.Kyler proposes to Jay that he should fuck her and give her a creampie so that when her lying boyfriend goes down on her he will taste another man's cum. Jay has given Kyler a lot, but he is freaked out by her begging him to fuck her. Kyler doesn't take no for an answer. She arranges it so that she's in Jay's bed masturbating when Jay enters the room. He tries to leave, but Kyler insists that he just take a taste of her sexy goods. Putting Jay's hand on her tits while she has her hand down her pants, Kyler makes her case. She doubles down on her insistence when she realizes that Jay has a hardon. Popping that stiffie out, Kyler coaxes Jay out of his clothes so she can start sucking him off with complete abandon. Her blowjob is the most convincing argument she can make, and soon it seems Jay may be ready to go along with her idea.Knowing that she has Jay right where she wants him, Kyler climbs on top and impales her greedy twat on his fuck stick. She rides him in cowgirl so she can lean forward and let him suckle her fine ass titties. Then she turns around and gives it to Jay in a fast and furious reverse cowgirl romp. Getting on her hands and knees, Kyler lets Jay be in charge of her pleasure as she moans her way through a doggy style pussy pounding. Jay is totally digging it as he spoons behind Kyler and keeps both their parties going as she rubs her clit to bring herself off. To end their fuck fest, Jay gets Kyler on her back and hooks her ankle behind his neck so that she's completely open to him. Diving deep, he finally gives in to Kyler's begging and gives her the creampie she's been angling for. They're just in time: Kyler's boyfriend arrives right as Jay finishes, so she kicks him out and prepares to move forward with her plan.
Karma Rx - Community Cunt (2021 | FullHD)
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