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Carmen Valentina, Callie Black - Unemployment Freeuse (2022 | FullHD)

Miles gets home from work with some difficult news, he’s been fired, and now his wife Carmen and his stepdaughter Callie are worrying about rent and bills. Miles immediately searches for a new job and on the day of the interview, he luckily has the support of his wife and stepdaughter. He’s now able to show off his leadership skills as he instructs both Callie and Carmen to take care of his boner together!
Madi Collins, Sonia Harcourt - Feminist Studies (2022 | FullHD)

Sonia Harcourt is delighted because her stepdaughter, Madi Collins, has returned home for a visit after her first semester at college. Madi talks about how interesting college life is, and how it's a whole different world from what she's used to. In fact... she has some questions. Sonia encourages her to go ahead and ask, so Madi says that her college roommate has a girlfriend. The roommate and the girlfriend are both very nice people, but Madi is confused about how their relationship works, because the only sex she's heard of involves girls with guys.
Andi Rose - Primal's Mental Domination Andi Rose Exhibitionist Stepdaughter Needs And Attitude Adjustment (2022 | FullHD)
Elle Lee, Sarah Song - Bed Share (2022 | FullHD)

Sarah and her stepdaughter Elle are noting how hot the house is given to a broken AC that hasn’t been fixed. Sarah remembers that her new stepson Oliver is coming to visit, but she didn’t expect him to look so hot. Oliver chooses to sleep on the couch but he gets too hot in the middle of the night so he sneaks into Sarah and Elle’s bed because it is the only room that keeps cool. Suddenly, both Elle and Sarah start touching Oliver and placing his hands on all their naughty places. One thing leads to another and soon the three of them are having the best type of bonding… a threesome!
Chanel Preston, Paige Owens - Like Those Before You (2022 | FullHD)

What’s up, MYLF fans? It’s time for another Classics update, and this time we’re pulling a fan favorite from BBC Paradise. Chanel couldn’t be more excited to see her stepdaughter, Paige, growing and thriving in college. And when Paige looks to join a very special sorority, Chanel knows exactly how she can help.
Reese Robbins - Watching My Daughter Go Black (2022 | FullHD)

Jax has been working hard at building this house for Rusty. Rusty shows up to the construction site with his daughter Reese to explain to Jax that he won’t be able to make his promised payment for work done today. Jax gets visibly upset at Rusty when he hears this news. Reese who sees Jax upset tells her step dad Rusty: Dad, maybe i can fix the situation and get you a time extension if I fuck him. Before Rusty can say anything Reese approaches Jax with her proposition.
Ailee Anne, Chanel Camryn - Naughty Bed and Breakfast (2022 | FullHD)

Ailee and her stepdad John stay at a lovely bed and breakfast run by Donnie and his stepdaughter Chanel. The next morning Chanel goes out to lay by the pool and catch some sunlight, when Donnie approaches her and helps her put on sunscreen. Meanwhile, John is in his bed jacking off when Ailee walks in and starts tidying up the room, but when she lifts the bed covers she’s met with John’s huge boner! This is when Donnie and Chanel walk in and are met with a tricky decision… since they’re all here, might as well swap their stepdaughters and have a sexy good time!
Jasmine Wilde, Shay Sights - Dating Again (2022 | FullHD)

Donnie is Shay’s new date, and when her stepdaughter Jasmine welcomes him home, he immediately starts fucking her pussy! Jasmine then sends her stepmom off on her date and later finds that it was really successful. Donnie seems to fit right in with their freeuse way of life and Shay and Jasmine love sharing his big cock.
Kate Dee, April Love - New Experience (2022 | FullHD)

A loving and sexually experienced step mom expands her step daughter’s sexual appetite…
Minxx Marley - Curious Stepdaughter Wants To Try BBC (2022 | FullHD)

When her mother spends long hours at work, Minxx Marley notices an opportunity with her stepdad, Jay Bangher. She's never tried big black cock before and curiosity has got the best of this blonde. She keeps dropping hints about how her mom is never around, leading Jay to talk to her. Minx is interested in more than talking though. She wants to know why her mom is addicted to the BBC. She takes her clothes off and starts rubbing her pussy for her stepdad.
Serene Siren, Lola Fae - Mrs., Miss Communication (2022 | FullHD)

Natasha Nice and her stepdaughter, Hazel Moore, are with Vanessa Sky, a therapist they have recently been going to. As they settle in, it's clear right from the start that Natasha and Hazel have NOT been getting along, which is why they need Vanessa's help. In fact, the more they talk, the more obvious it is that they are poor communicators. Because of this, they just get even more frustrated with each other.
Dana DeArmond, Lola Foxx - Irresistible Step Daughter (2022 | FullHD)

The scene starts with Lola’s ass on your face. She is doing chores for her stepmom, Dana. Must be really a neat freak that she’s pissed that one of her toys is not clean.
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